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Denisse Itzel Law
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The starting point for the application of this method, is to determine, with the highest possible accuracy level which is the woman' most fertile day, taking into account the duration of her menstrual cycle, which, as it is well known, happens to be different in each case.

In order to comply with this stipulation, it is necessary to consult with a gynecologist and when the fertile day has been determined, the couple must avoid any type of sexual approach during at least five days before the established fertile day.

In case the couple wishes to beget a baby male, the procedure consists of two seminal discharges (ejaculations) a day during the mentioned five days, including the wife's fertile day, without having her participation, not even in a minimum fashion. This procedure is aimed to reduce the man's libido in order to suppress the action of the female factor that the man furnishes to fecundity. The next step consists of having sex intercourse on the woman's fertile day in order to perform the actual procreation act.

The woman, in turn, shall absolutely refrain herself of any form of sexual practice during the previous five days from her fertile day (said fertile day shall be determined by a gynecologist), with the aim of increasing at its maximum the woman's libido in order to intensify the masculine factor with which she will contribute to the creation of a male baby. Finally and after having elapsed the five days of total sexual abstention, she will have sexual intercourse with the purpose of becoming pregnant.

If, on the contrary, the couple wishes to beget a female baby, the woman shall have a least two orgasms every day during the previous five days from her fertile day and also on the fertile day, before having sexual intercourse with the purpose of becoming pregnant. It is very important that in the instigation and achievement of these feminine orgasms the man shall absolutely not activate neither participate in the process.

On the other hand, the man who is acting as mate in the procreation procedure, shall abstain from any form of sexual activity and practice during the previous five days from the sexual intercourse and said sexual intercourse shall be made precisely on the woman's fertile day. This period of total sexual abstention from any kind of sexual activity and practice is aimed to increasing at a maximum level the man's libido in order to intensify the predominance of the female factor by him contributed to reach the objective of procreating a female baby.

Up to this point, the above mentioned, constitutes what we may identify as the general application method that warranties the highest levels of security in the achievement of the objective of procreating daughters or sons, whatever the preceding election of the interested couple may be. Nevertheless it is necessary to consider that the libido, which is a most important factor in the achievement of this goal, is determined in a large scale, by the fitness level, the age and even by the nature of the man and woman who intervene in the process. Taking into account the above mentioned factors it would be necessary to adjust the method to the special circumstances of each couple. We have explained what is considered the best system to warranty excellent results, and even though in all the cases it may not be possible to perform it the way it has been exposed, if properly applied, it would be sufficient to warranty very high levels of favorable results in the pursue of the sex of the children with whom we will form our families.