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Denisse Itzel Law
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This page has an specific and ambitious purpose: to endow the couples all over the world with the resources that, if properly applied and, if and when the postulates of this natural law are pursued, they may obtain a thousand by thousand safety degree in the yearned results in order to beget a son or a daughter, fit to the election previously made by the interested couple.

We all have heard of the wide diversity of methods that supposedly may be used to select the sex of the child we wish to have, but said methods are not only complicated, but rather difficult to follow, namely: measurement and registration of the corporal temperature; analysis and measurement of the luteinizing hormone in the urine, analysis of the glucose level in the cervical mucus, its density and consistence, a close observation of the vaginal ph, a careful counting of the days of the menstrual cycle, and much more. All this is carried out with the actual certainty that "nobody is able to guarantee the final success" and that at the end of such complicated process the sole real results will be frustration and disappointment, instead here you will find a definite solution:

In this page is included an article written by a prestigious and well known author who refers to the terrible massacre of feminine fetus, that in an unpunished and even sheltered fashion is carried out by the people of the countries where this ominous practice is performed, which has produced a deficit of more than one hundred million women and is extending in an irrepressible manner to the western countries. This situation has also been sponsored by the modern medical technology. We would experience a huge and resplendent satisfaction to learn that the knowledge we are delivering to the world through this modern and omnipresent way will contribute to the diminishing or even to the elimination from our planet of this unbelievable practice.

With the aim of facilitating the disclosure of this knowledge, we are including a consultation section, where, at least for the moment, the answers will always be in Spanish.

Obviuosly, the application and use of this law and its method, is an exclusive responsibility of the user.